About Earth’s Glory

Earth’s Glory was founded in 2015 when the extract from the hemp plant was shown to be beneficial to various aspects of general wellness. Our motivation and passion stems from our core goal, which is to encourage and provide a better quality of life for many. Our hemp plants are grown in the richest soil that is found on our Kentucky family farms. The founding family of Earth’s Glory has been farming, growing, and providing quality products for over 100 years.

We are a Kentucky-based company focused on providing high quality wellness supplements sourced from our local family-owned farm.

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Created by Multi-Generational Kentucky Farmers

Earth’s Glory was created through the collaboration of a few local Kentucky families who are very passionate about every aspect of the product’s development. Our processing crew and farmers work closely together to continuously monitor and improve our hemp plants, extracts, and final formulas. The Earth’s Glory team works together regularly throughout planting, growing, harvesting, processing, and product development. Our farms are just a short trip from our processing facility, and our team effort enables invaluable collaboration to ensure quality from plant to final product.

The expertise brought by each member of our team combined with an overall passion towards creating a quality product from Kentucky farms is put towards an overall goal of creating a better quality of life and general wellness for many, including our own families.

Health Benefits

While we cannot make any specific health claims associated with Earth’s Glory, an abundance of ground-breaking research has been taking place regarding the interaction of natural cannabinoids, such as CBD and CBDa, with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).[1-3]We encourage you research these exciting studies that are available online and check out our testimonials in order to determine what Earth’s Glory may do for your general wellness.

Multiple mechanisms involved in the large-spectrum therapeutic potential of cannabidiol in psychiatric disorders.
US National Library of Medicine

For example, a study by Campos et al. states that “it is now clear that CBD has therapeutic potential over a wide range of non-psychiatric and psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression, and psychosis”[3].

Our product ingredients are kept simple to preserve the natural elements of Earth’s Glory.

Earth’s Glory has been awarded with a Kentucky Proud label because our hemp is sourced straight from our family-owned Kentucky farm.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

THC is the main psychoactive substance in the cannabis plant (particularly marijuana). The hemp plant contains 0.3% or less of THC. Varieties of hemp can contain high percentages of CBD, which is the desired cannabinoid for our products. In fact, studies examining the protective effects of CBD have shown that CBD can counteract the negative effects of THC.[1]


With the passing of the 2014 federal farm bill, Section 7606, farmers in Kentucky are allowed to grow, harvest, and process hemp through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s pilot research program. The hemp plant contains 0.3% or less of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The Earth’s Glory is completely legal to ship to all 50 states.

Processing & Product Info

The hemp extract used in Earth’s Glory is extracted from 100% Kentucky grown hemp using supercritical CO2. The naturally-occurring compound, CO2, acts like a solvent in its supercritical state yet does not pose any of the risks associated with other typical solvents. Therefore, it is deemed a superior processing method to safely extract the desired cannabinoids from hemp, such as cannabidiol (CBD).

Our extract is further refined using winterization methods to improve the quality prior to mixing it into the final formula. Winterization involves removal of the unwanted plant waxes and lipids from the raw CO2 extract to enhance and stabilize the final product.

Through the entire process, our extract is handled in such a way to preserve certain desirable cannabinoids, such as CBDa. When hemp grows, CBDa is produced.It is not until the cannabinoid undergoes decarboxylation (heating) that it converts to CBD. Earth’s Glory is specially formulated in order to preserve CBDa in addition to other delicate compounds inherent to the plant.

Third Party Testing

Third-party testing is conducted on our extract and once again on our final formula. Therefore, we verify the quality, purity, and potency of the ingredients put into each bottle of Earth’s Glory. Potency and purity test results for each batch of Earth’s Glory are provided on our website.


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